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Body Balance.
Sports Science.

Limber Sports Perfomance helps athletes find the ultimate balance between flexibility, stability & power!


Developed by Accredited Sports Scientist & former Rhythmic Gymnast Lauren Skopal, The
Limber Training Method was inspired from gymnastics based training and the latest sports science research to help athletes optimise their movement, achieve peak performance & stay injury free!

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Signature Cross Training Programs

cross training, limber sports peformance, athlete

Freedom on the Field

A sports specific mobility program to improve your movement mechanics and sports performance

Leap For Success

A gymnastics plyometric program to improve jumping ability, deceleration and landing technique

cross training, limber sports peformance, athlete

Limber Longevity

Neuromuscular and Pilates training for injury prevention, movement control & body balance

Little Big Athletes

Fundamental movement skills, bodyweight training and mobility for the development of junior athletes

We are excited to announce a new collaboration with our friends at The Tennis Menu. This online education platform is designed to guide athletes, coaches and parents to achieve sporting success by considering all the key aspects which contribute to athlete development including technical development, sports analysis, injury prevention and more. Our package ‘Limber with Lauren’ includes over 200 exercises over 12 programs to help athletes develop their mobility and stability.


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