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"Success Occurs When Preparation Meets Opportunity"

WHY cross TRAINing?

Cross training makes you a stronger,  more mobile and more well-rounded athlete. There are numerous physical and mental benefits to cross training. By mixing up your training schedule once or twice a week you have the opportunity to enhance your physical capacity without overtraining. Whether it’s gymnastics, swimming or pilates, these are just a few great examples of cross training modalities to enhance aspects of fitness such as strength, mobility and aerobic capacity.  Decrease your risk of overuse injuries and burnout with a customised cross training plan developed by our team in consultation with yours!

Aesthetic Athlete

Aesthetic Athletes such as dancers, gymnasts and ice skaters must be able to produce a high level of flexibility and power while maintaining beauty and grace.  Our Rhythmic Gymnastics based training programs will improve your split lines, kicking power, jump height and athleticism. We understand the specific muscle activation patterns to achieve these goals – contact us to find out more about our flexibility programs and online classes.

We have conducted our training programs for:  
Performing Arts Schools: 
Brent St  / Dance Lane  / Centre Stage / The Space
Ice Skating Victoria / One Team Movement / Skate Canada / Junior National Team Sweden


Next Level Athlete

Looking for the missing piece in your preparation? Most athletes have their skill training and strength and conditioning covered but what about mobility, recovery and injury prevention? Check out our Limber with Lauren programs on The Tennis Menu and become a next level athlete today! Book an initial consultation to find out about our personalised mobility programs for athletes.

Little Big Athletes

Developing physical literacy as a child provides the cornerstone for future excellence in sport! Our junior programs teach fundamental movement skills which help the young athlete develop skills transferable to all sports. Our Gymnastics based exercises teach children to master locomotor skills, object control, balance, coordination and improve flexibility during a critical period for this attribute. Give your Little Big Athletes a kick start to success!

Novak is 7 years old and an active young athlete. Tennis is a huge part of his life, however, ensuring that his body is kept in perfect condition and his training schedule is balanced is a priority for his coaching team. This is where Lauren from Limber Sports Performance plays a big part in prevention injuries and improving his movement skills with their gymnastics based training. Weekly sessions with Lauren have proved invaluable in advancing Novak's playing ability.
Ana Palombo
Novak's Mum
Screen Shot_soccer_Peter
Limber sports performance is truely the best, Lauren's key knowledge is allowing me to achieve a goal in becoming more mobile which is helping with my sporting performance. Great program, definitely recommend.
Peter Marinkovic
Soccer Athlete
courtney web shot
I have trained with Lauren for almost a year now and she has been amazing! She has helped me safely increase my strength and flexibility post hip surgery. My injuries would probably have forced me to quit flexibility training. So thanks Lauren for teaching me to how to correctly use my body and manage injuries!
Courtney Venn
Aesthetic Athlete
Watching the way that Lauren interacts with athletes and the care and attention to detail she displays made me know I was in the right place for my athletes development. She is well Prepared, honest and connects to the level of each athletes individual needs. Her knowledge added together with the ability to perform each activity and practicing what she preaches ensures the athlete, not only understands, but sees how it is done, connecting the learner both physically and mentally. Highly recommended. 👊
Marc Sophoulis
Melbourne International Tennis School