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Athlete Recovery Strategies

We all know it’s important to recover between training sessions and competition bouts.  However, with so many recovery methods out there, it can be confusing where to start. Our Athlete Recovery Strategies infographic highlights ‘THE TOP THREE’ non-negotiable recovery strategies followed by additional supplementary strategies to help you get those additional 1% gains.  If you are interested in developing your own personal recovery plan please contact
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Pilates Principles for Calisthenics Coaches

This year we presented coaches at Sterling Calisthenics Club on Pilates based injury prevention strategies for Calisthenics athletes.  Our education workshop introduced coaches to the fundamental principles of Pilates and how to incorporate these in basic repertoire.  We have summarised some of the key learnings in an easy to read infographic.
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female athlete landing

AFLW Athlete Perspectives on Injury Prevention Programs

A recent study published by La Trobe University Australia, explored the perspectives and experiences of injury prevention programs by 13 AFLW players from three clubs. This blog and infographic summarise some of the interesting insights from the research including the importance of educating and giving input to female athletes.
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Sports Analysis

Performance Analysis in Sport

Performance analysis plays an integral role in the coaching and feedback process as well as other areas of sports science such as goal setting and athlete benchmarking, tactics, biomechanics, load monitoring, injury prevention and visualisation techniques. This infographic provides a brief introduction into the theoretical rationale for the use of performance analysis in sport.
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