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Sports Analysis

Performance Analysis in Sport

Performance analysis plays an integral role in the coaching and feedback process as well as other areas of sports science such as goal setting and athlete benchmarking, tactics, biomechanics, load monitoring, injury prevention and visualisation techniques. This infographic provides a brief introduction into the theoretical rationale for the use of performance analysis in sport.
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The 5 minds of coaching

The 5 Minds of a Great Coach

Effective coaches recognise the need for continual learning and improvement, no matter how experienced. The 5 minds of coaching concept provides a great framework to guide your development as a coach.
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Goal Setting

Goal Setting in Sport: Part 1

This infographic will help you understand the three different types of goals commonly used by athletes; outcome goals, performance goals and process goals. Consider the pros and cons of each goal type and how to use them in combination. 
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Skating Flexibility

Off Ice Flexibility Training

Use this infographic as a guide to structure on your personalised off ice flexibility training program.  The program structure includes four sections; Active Warm Up, Body Preparation, Stretching and Skills component.
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