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"Talent Wins Games But Teamwork & Intelligence Wins Championships"

Sports Specific solutions

Looking for a new approach to preseason training or a program to maintain your athletes in peak condition during the year? Each of our signature team sports training programs are adapted to match your sports specific requirements. Featured below are some of our signature cross training programs including; ‘Freedom on the field’ mobility program | ‘Limber Longevity’ injury prevention program | ‘Leap for Success’ gymnastic based plyometric training | ‘Little Big Athletes’ youth development program. 

We are here to support your coaches, work co-operatively together with a common focus and mutual respect to achieve the best results for your athletes.

Limber sports training

freedom on the field

A sports training specific multimodal mobility program including:

  • Movement screen / Needs assessment
  • Sports specific dynamic warm up protocol
  • Sports specific static stretching cool down
  • Assisted stretching education
  • Recovery plan

limber longevity

A neuromuscular and Pilates based training program for injury prevention:

  • Targets common sports specific injuries
  • Exercises for muscle balance
  • Improves joint stability
  • Challenges balance & proprioception
  • Focus on movement precision & control

Leap for success

A gymnastics plyometric jumping program including: 

  • Periodised program of jumping, skipping, hopping & leaping drills
  • Variations of box jumps
  • Targets jump height & landing techniques
  • Teaches deceleration control
  • Improves hamstring activation & H:Q Ratio


A gymnastics based program for Junior Athletes including:

  • Fundamental movement skills transferable to all sports
  • Teaches balance, movement control & spatial awareness
  • Promotes suppleness at the optimal age
  • Hand-eye coordination and manipulation skills



Our gymnastics based training programs will challenge and inspire your athletes to achieve new heights!

We provide both educational and practical take-home tools to explode their sports performance, range of motion, movement mechanics and muscle recovery.  Whether you are looking for a gymnastics based team building workshop, flexibility and mobility, Pilates for injury prevention or recovery. Our workshops are tailored to your needs and can be either physical, educational or a combination.